Morning and Afternoon Tea Menu

Fruit Platter

Large Fruit Platter (for 10-12pl)

Freshly sliced seasonal fruit elegantly arranged

Mini Bagels

$6.50 per bagel

(Min 6 bagels)

Available fillings

- Salmon with cream cheese & capers

- Cream Cheese, Sun Dried Tomato & rocket (Vegan option available)

- Goats cheese caramelised onion & rocket

Individual Breakfast Parfait Cups

$5.50 per cup

(Min 12 cups)

Available cups

- Granola, fruit and vanilla yoghurt with berries

- Tapioca Chia Trifle (Vegan) (GF)

Mini Croissant

$4.20 per croissant

(Min 6 croissants)

Available fillings

- Mini croissant ham off the bone and Swiss cheese

- Mini croissant tomato cheese & basil

- Mini croissant with butter and jam

Mini Danish

$4.10 per pastry

(Min 12 pastries)

Freshly baked

Fruit Cup with Yoghurt & Berry Sauce

$5.20 per cup

(Min 12 cups)

Sweet Mini Muffins

$3.50 per muffin

(Min 12 muffins)


$4.50 per muffin

(Min 12 muffins)

Blueberry, Raspberry, Chocolate, Pear or Apple Crumble

Assorted Cake Slices

$3.95 per piece

(Min 6 pieces)

Petit Fours & Mini Slices

$3.50 per

(Min 24 pieces)

- Assorted flavours (GF available) (Nut Free available)


Mini Donut
$3.16 per donut
Medium Donut
$4.30 per donut

(Min 12 donuts)

Freshly baked donuts with a mix of fillings including Nutella, jam & custard

Portuguese Tart

$4.50 per tart

(Min 12 tarts)

Small flaky pastry tart filled with custard