Lunch Menu

Gourmet Sandwiches (Triangles)

Medium Platter (24 triangles)
Large Platter (50 triangles)

Executive Point 4 triangle pieces

Gourmet Sandwiches (Ribbons)

Medium Platter (24 ribbons)
Large Platter (50 triangles)

Ribbon Sandwich 3 ribbon pieces

Available fillings

- Poached Chicken & Avocado (GF available)

- Chicken Schnitzel, Egg Mayo & Rocket (GF available)

- Wild Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese (GF available)

- Cucumber & Watercress (GF available)

- Rare Beef, Swiss Cheese & Mustard (GF available)

- Egg, Mayo & Lettuce (GF available)

- Falafel with tahini sauce & tabouli (Vegan) (GF available)

- Chargrilled vegetables, Vegan cream cheese (GF available)

Fresh Salads

Medium (Suitable for 10-12pl)
Large (Suitable for up to 25pl)

Also available in individual serves - $5.5 per serve, presented in small disposable container and bamboo cutlery

Available salads

- Greek Salad with option of fried halloumi or crumbled feta (GF) (Vegan option available)

- Grain Salad with Yoghurt dressing & Pomegranate (GF with Quinoa) (Vegan option available)

- Roasted Pumpkin with Baby Spinach, Toasted Pine nuts & Goats Cheese (GF)

- Mediterranean Chickpea salad with chicken

- Thai Beef Salad (GF)

- Chicken Caesar Salad, Crunchy breast pieces with crispy bacon, croutons, free range egg, cos lettuce, shaved parmesan & anchovy dressing

- Crunchy Asian Slaw with Homemade Asian dressing

- Potato Salad with dill, capers and French mustard mayo dressing

- Basil Pesto Pasta Salad with olives, rocket, semi dried tomatoes & fresh basil

Rustic Cobb

$8.90 per sandwich (2 halves)

(Min 6 sandwiches)

Country style sandwich cut in half

Available fillings

- Slow cooked shredded beef with cheese & rocket

- Pan fried Halloumi & Roasted Veg

- Chicken Thigh fillet with Peri Peri sauce

- Wild Mushroom with Truffle Cheese & Mayo

Gourmet Soft Wraps

$9.10 per wrap (2 halves)

(Min 6 wraps)

Flat tortilla bread rolled and cut in half

Available fillings

- Truffled Chicken, spinach & Parmesan (GF available)

- Falafel wrap, avocado, herbs and tahini sauce (GF available)

- Halloumi with spiced tzatziki (Vegan option available) (GF available)

- Rare Beef & Mustard (GF available)

Turkish Pide

$9.60 per pide (2 halves)

(Min 6 pide)

Turkish rolls filled with a variety of gourmet fillings

Available fillings

- Falafel with tabouli, humus & purple onion (Vegan)

- Mediterranean Roasted Vegetables (Vegan or Vegetarian)

- Ham, Cheese, lettuce & tomato

- Chicken Schnitzel, Egg Mayo & Rocket